Welcome to FIGURE 8 RUNWAY! 

Hi, I'm Judith Dials, the Founder of Figure 8 Runway.  I started this company with one kind of girl in mind.  The one that finds it hard to find an outfit that fits all over! It's either the shirt fit but the pants are too tight or the pants fit but the shirt is too loose.  She's the girl that has hips, thighs, and a smaller waist.  Granted, all ladies can find an outfit that fits them perfect here but the ladies I'm talking about would be happy to know that someone is thinking of them!  You'll notice that the clothes on this website has a form fitted stretchy fit. Why?  1) To show all your curves, 2) To have a perfect fit both top and bottom. 

Ladies, I want to encourage you to love your sexy.  However that looks!  Slim sexy, Thick sexy, Slim Thick sexy...just love it!  Don't wait until you lose a whole lot of pounds before you take care of yourself.  Listen, when you look good, you feel good!  Granted, the inner work does the deepest healing. Let's just not forget that the outer work does some healing too!  It gives you a bit of pep in your step...a little confidence. So, GIFT yourself (yes...remove the guilt), a sexy outfit for your next outing with your girls or with your man.  And remember honey, YOU ARE A STAR!  Everywhere you go is your runway!  You make an impression even before you open your mouth.  Question is...how are you presenting yourself on this runway? Lose the stress of the dress by gifting yourself a sexy outfit from our Figure 8 Runway page.  Remember...YOU ARE THE STAR OF  YOUR OWN RUNWAY!

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